NYC Photo Diary


Although I only just got back from New York, I’m already planning my next trip/seriously considering selling everything I own to move there. Because of the excruciating cold, I didn’t make it to half the places I wanted to visit like the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park, but what I did do was eat… a lot. What I love about New York is the variety of restaurants. From fancy Michelin Starred restaurants to tiny pizza joints where personal space doesn’t really exist, the food scene is as vibrant as the city itself.

I’ve visited New York twice before, and both times were totally unique and wonderful. Although my most recent visit was extremely short, here are some of my favourite experiences/recommendations: lunch at Cookshop for the most delicious salads; corn at Cafe Habana; salted caramel cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake (although I’ve been told Magnolia is better); breathtaking view of the skyline from Top of the Rock; macarons from Laduree; brunch at Buvette; the most incredible pizza from Rubirosa; wandering around West Village; The Mercer Burger from The Mercer Kitchen; sandwiches and vanilla tea from The Smile.

Now I know I’m no New York expert and as a result my list is hardly conclusive so I would love any recommendations you have for the next time I go!

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